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Welcome to Kiiji World

Kiiji is not a brand. It is an evolving culture that encompasses all that untamed, rebel consciousness that absolutely cannot be indoctrinated or compressed inside of any box, that demonstrates unlimited potential and that has no conscious affiliation with the term  "impossible.”

The products that you will find on this site are a part of a brand that represents the culture of the untamed. Though our current collection of product is minimal at this point, you will undoubtedly witness our evolution and expansion as time progresses. each week we will make sure something new is added to our Kiiji world of products.

The Meaning of The Kiiji Logo:

Despite it's appearance, the Kiji beast is not a hybrid.
Rather it is a Source Supreme the original ancestor of 5 of earth's apex predators and bulls. The Kiiji beast is the product of a parallel universe to ours, but is able to travel between the worlds at will. Eons before the birth of man the Kiiji beast used its own DNA to seed our world with what became known as the Elephant, the Viper, the Bear, the Bull, and the first earth born ancestor of the big cats.
These five beast represent five prominent personality traits of the Kiiji beast:
The Elephant personality represents an overwhelming and unstoppable force that is balanced by a deep since of compassion and loyalty to its tribe. It is also the fearless wanderer.

The Serpent personality represents patience, wisdom and persistence.
The Bear personality represents the protector who is willing to kill or be killed to protect what is dear to her with an awesome since viscous savagery.

The Bull personality is the load bearer, able carry the weight of the world on its back without complaint. It also represents an explosive brute force.
The Panther personality is the ultimate hunter's mentality. It also represents stealth, shrewdness and the unrelenting attack.
If you have any questions about anything Kiiji related, please contact us at Thank you for visiting our site.

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